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Thank you 2018

Thank you 2018

It has been an amazing year! It is definitely a year of growth!

First half of the year was more like challenging my limit, unleashing my utmost potential which I have made impossible to happen. I had never thought that would be like the most stressful work life situation.

Second half of the year was more like personal and spiritual growth, as mentioned I had traveled with parents for a month in Europe which definitely marvellous experience and massive books reading on leadership, psychology, religions, self help and spiritual. Taking a well deserved and not sure when ending break while managed to explore other options/hobbies in life, i.e. blogging again xD, most importantly, finally to have courage to look into my own shadow and work on it.

As all the proverbs/quotes say we just have to start, and I was quite reluctant to face it but it is true that timing is right, your teacher/help will appear.

Then the last two days of 2018, I was invited to two events which beautifully wrapped up my 2018.


The first event was Shamanic Fire Ceremony, the host whom was my partner’s boss performed for his team to honor mother earth at the same time to let go our old beliefs.

Right before we began, there was firework! All of us were so surprised as normally it would not happen so we felt it was a celebration. We were in circle and started singing the chant:

Nitche Tai Tai, N-U-Y
Oro Nika Oro Nika
Hey Hey…Hey Hey

Ooo Ai

While we were singing, our shaman prepared the fire, once he quieted down and we started to kneel down in front of the fire one by one and performed the ritual:

  • A personal prayer about the old beliefs happened in the year you found it is no longer valid or emotions/incidents you want to let go or release unhappy memories, fears, negative emotions, and anything that you are holding onto that doesn’t serve your Higher Self.

  • Blow it into the stick

  • Put the stick into the fire

  • Draw the smoke into the three main centers of your body – into the belly, into the heart, and into the forehead.

When all of us were done, we joined back the circle and start to blow our intentions for next year into another stick and put it on the ground which the host told us these would be the offerings to the Mother Earth, one girl and one boy (we only had one male participant apart from the host) gathered them and offered to the fire.

While they were doing that we had to turn around to respect the ritual and we started to smell lavenders. =)


Then this divine moment came, it was very cold outdoor around 8℃ my nose kept on sneezing and then I heard this inner voice telling me why did u keep controlling it why not just relax and breath. And I did. I relaxed and the smoke from the fire came through my nose and it helped to calm my nose and the rest, immediately I felt different.

Once the ceremony was finished, the host encouraged us to meditate around the fire if we wish, and I sat down and started. It was my first time to have a full family in my visualisation, and I felt peace. The energy was so strong and once my meditation was done, the resonance in my heart chakra was so strong and I asked my partner to feel it. SO SURREAL!

Next day the New Year Eve when I woke up, i felt quite different. I felt more solid and energised. The surprise moment was when I wrote my morning gratitude journal, I thanked my brother for his love and tears started to shed. It was a joyful moment and real astonish.

At night we went to Om Shanti Night organized by Allpamama, this was their 8th year and I was so glad I could join this time. In this 2 hour session, we sang mantras to honor ourselves, showing gratitude and sending blessings to our mother earth with other 148 participants to welcome 2019. It was a very different ceremony compare to the day before yet it was same as to honor our nature, our gaia and ourselves.

All participants needed to draw or write down the blessing on a small piece of paper before the event and by the end of it, everyone would receive it. Also the team had prepare a new year gift, a word chosen as the theme for 2019, a himalaya salt soap with delicate wooden box.

What a beautiful wrap up for 2018! I am real excited for 2019 with full of miracles and abundance!

Thank you universe!

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