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A date with Grandpa

A date with Grandpa

As being the eldest grand-daughter from my mum side family, I had the privilege to stay with my grandparents and grew up under their wings of care. As a child, I have always known that my grandpa is a very kind, nice person, my mum, uncle and aunt always respect him alot. He would not scold or use any force to the children.


His profession before retirement was film processing. He used to always stay in the dark room to develop the film negatives since 1950s. I only remembered and got to know a little bit about this when I was around 4 or 5 year old, he would always come back with toys like on the right.

Fast forward to 30 more years later, I got to know about L'Immagine Ritrovata Asia and the team. It struck me again my grandpa profession. I suggested to him to bring him for a site visit, he was kind of reluctant he claimed he needed to take care of grandma. The conversation has been going on for half a year, and I brought it up again during our family morning tea session. My uncle volunteered to take care my grandma for few hours so that we could go.

Once we got into the building and walked into the lab, I could feel my grandpa excitement and he started talking to my friends in those technical terms. When the in charge showed him the equipments, the original films, there were twinkles in the eyes. I also got to know more how to restore the film and digitalise, once the asia team have their best work done, the digital files will be sent to the Bologna facilities for further restoration work.

Little did I know, my grandpa had started working in the industry since late 1950s, from black and white film to color until 1980s then the films processing industry was in declination and he found that it was also time for retirement. Now he is 86 year old, I am quite sure there are not many similar technician or seniors around, my friends mentioned another senior now who was in charge overall movie production whom grandpa was not so familiar with at first.

When we were about to leave and there she was, at first they could not recognise even they knew they used to work in the same company until I mentioned my grandpa’s name. There they go! It has been more than 30 years after my grandpa retirement!!! She was a young girl when she just joined while my grandpa was already an uncle rank haha. They reunited.

My grandpa is our cornerstone, he started this family from zero literally with nothing. He ran away from communist from China and started fresh new in Hong Kong. Things have changed so much, yet his devotion to the family had never changed abit and the love to my grandma too.

And the secret is this is my first time going out with my grandpa just by myself. LOL What a great start for my 36 year old first day. =)

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